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Who doesn't love candy?  Candytopia- Atlanta, GA

Who doesn't love candy? Candytopia- Atlanta, GA

I love a place that brings out the inner child in everyone. Candytopia started in Atlanta, GA and since it has opened a location in The Mall of America in Minnesota and coming April 5th to Dallas, TX! All of the pieces are made out of candy. Take as much candy as you want, the candy in each room is included in your ticket. Ticket prices are only $28. There is an app you can download that you can scan in certain rooms and it automatically takes your pics and sends it to you via email. The best part about the exhibit is that it is not timed, so you can take as long as you want in each room. Prepare to be showered with confetti and to swim with over 300,00 marshmallows! Tickets and more information about Candytopia is available at https://www.candytopia.com/

JORD Watch $100 giveaway

JORD Watch $100 giveaway

The City Of Brotherly Love!

The City Of Brotherly Love!